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What Is a VPN Used for?
Some Exciting Ways of Using a VPN!

VPNs are the most common tools that have long been used to ensure internet privacy. VPN servers are used to create a digital tunnel through which your connection to the internet is routed. It hides your IP address and prevents the spying eyes from monitoring your data and online activities inside this VPN connection.

Why use a VPN? Some exciting reasons

The advantages of using a VPN for internet browsing go far beyond privacy. According to Global VPN Usage Report 2020, the percentage of people using VPN for different reasons is as follows.
What is a VPN used for?
Privacy protection on public Wi-Fi 51%
Being anonymous for a website 44%
Communicate securely 37%
Unblock restricted sites 23%
Better entertainment options 22%
Avoid throttling 21%
Hide activities from third parties 20%

There are dozens of other situations where a user needs to use a VPN. Here, we will discuss some of the most exciting ways of using a VPN service.

1. Watch streaming sites without getting slow

YouTube and Netflix are the most-watched streaming sites all over the world. These top sites use almost 50% of the internet in the world. With this much usage, the ISPs can throttle the internet connection speed and turn down the internet slow. As a result, you cannot enjoy watching these sites thoroughly. With a VPN service, you can fix the problem of connection speed and enjoy watching these streaming sites without any lag, buffering, or interruption.

2. Hide your real location

There are many situations when you do not want others to know where you are. Especially in the case when you are a remote worker, you do not wish your boss, employees, or co-worker to know your location. If you are traveling, it is also dangerous to show your actual location as the thieves are often found targeting the people who are away from home. In such cases, VPN software can help you mask your real location and show the location you want others to know. When you choose the VPN server of your desired location, it will show that you are virtually present at that location.

3. Save money at rental cars and air tickets

Suppose you are regular at booking tickets online or renting cars. In that case, it can cause you to pay more money because such online booking sites monitor your identification and location, save cookies and charge you more money if you are a recurring customer. In this situation, a VPN service can help you out. It will hide your IP address and show you as an anonymous viewer so that the sites cannot see your location and will charge you like other random customers. If you set your location to another country, you can save yourself from high fares.

4. Safeguard your privacy

Protecting privacy is the foremost reason for which users opt for a VPN service. Getting connected to Wi-Fi is not safe for your privacy, especially if you use public Wi-Fi connection. If there is a security weakness in a Wi-Fi connection, the hackers can have easy access to your device and can harm your internet privacy. To safeguard your privacy while browsing the internet in public places, a Wi-Fi VPN app is a smart choice.

5. Unblock international libraries

There is a lot of informational and entertainment content available on the International Libraries online, but some of these libraries are geo-restricted for some locations. The reasons for this restriction can be different, like copyright laws, censorship, licensing agreements, or the practice of price discrimination. You can not access such libraries online if you are a part of those geo-restricted locations. If you want to access any online international libraries, you can seek help from a VPN server. A VPN server will allow you to access any content by bypassing all geo-location restrictions. Your real location will be masked, and the VPN server will show you located in an area that is not restricted to that particular site.

6. Freely play online games

Speed is the primary concern of online gamers, and they do not tolerate any compromise on it. Not only the streaming sites like YouTube and Netflix are throttled by ISPs, but online streaming games are also targeted. Apart from slowing down the speed of online games, game makers use BitTorrent to send updates and fixes for bugs, which further slows down the online games. A VPN for online gaming will prevent ISPs from slowing down the speed and sending updates and fixes to interrupt the gamers.

7. Online shopping

When you are traveling abroad, shopping is one of the perks that you can enjoy. But if you are not traveling and want to purchase something online from abroad or make a purchase from a retailer that is not located in your country, you will have to use your credit card. The problem with using a debit card or a credit card for online purchasing is that it can carry hassle potential. The merchant dealing with your online purchasing may ask you to provide your ID, email, address, and other information to protect your credit card from fraud. This experience may not be pleasant for you. VPN for safe online shopping installed in your device can help you shop online freely without any fear of fraud and make your online shopping delightful.

8. Protecting VOIP communication

Another rising issue in internet browsing is to protect VOIP communication. Many Voice Over Internet Provider protocols like Skype claims to secure communication between the user and the internet server. Still, these protocols are immune to hackers, censors, and geo-restrictions. If your call originates from a country where the international calls are regularly monitored. VPN is an intelligent solution to deal with this issue efficiently if you want to protect your VOIP communication. A VPN encrypts your calls and keeps them private for you and the receiver.

9. Unblock social media

Social Media has grown deep roots in the whole world, and its usage is increasing heavily regularly. Even then, some countries have banned or blocked social media sites for a good reason. They do not want to indulge the young generation in social media and get distracted from building a strong future. Countries like China, Korea, Algeria, Iran, and Syria have permanently blocked the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you are planning to travel to any of these restricted countries and want to access social media sites, you can use a VPN to get this job done for you.

10. Share files through UseNet

UseNet is a famous platform that has long been used for sharing files. It also allows the users to meet and chat. The current problem with UseNet is that ISPs have blocked UseNet due to sharing illegal files. There might have been an incident where some illegal files have been shared through UseNet, but it is not common. If you want to use UseNet to meet and chat with friends or share files, you can Unblock UseNet with a VPN server. A VPN will help you share your files securely and have a pleasant chat with your friends.

Final words

We hope that the above information has introduced you to some new and exciting reasons for using a VPN. You may feel connected to some of them very strongly and will like to use a VPN service for that particular task. However, the main focus of using a VPN is to provide you a secure and free internet browsing experience.