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What Is a VPN?
Let's Hear It in the Words of Experts.

General overview

In the world of the internet, security is the most imperative and vital factor to consider. Several security tools for protecting your online privacy are being used nowadays. VPN is one of the most popular and essential security tools for your internet privacy.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a secure tunnel between your device and the internet to protect you from online interference, snooping, and censorship. It is one of the most effective and easiest ways to secure the internet used by people. When the users connect to a secure VPN server, the internet traffic goes through an encrypted tunnel, protecting their internet traffic and keeping their identities private online in such a way that nobody can see into it, including governments, hackers, and internet service providers.

What is a VPN?

The most popularly used VPN protocols are:

· Lightway · OpenVPN · WireGuard · IKEv2 · L2TP · IPsec · PPTP · SSTP

VPN protocols

Protocols are defined as the methods by which a device connects to a secure VPN server. VPN Protocol is a pack of directions that determine how two devices communicate with each other. Different protocols use different encryption standards and authentication methods and provide different levels of security and speed for the VPN users.

A VPN Protocol determines how to establish and verify encryption keys, which encryption algorithm to use, and how to handle its potential errors.

Types of VPN

Different types of VPN software are used for secure internet browsing. Some of them are discussed below.

A corporate VPN is a business VPN that allows the remote employees of an organization to connect safely to the internet and do their job as if they are physically present in the office. Corporate VPNs work to protect the privacy of the company and do not favor individuals.

A commercial VPN is a kind of a personal VPN or a consumer VPN. It is a private service offered directly to customers and individuals to protect their internet privacy.

Self-setup VPN is another type of VPN that experts use to set up their VPN. However, a self-setup VPN does not offer features enjoyed by commercial VPN users like protection of shared IP addresses, server locations in multiple countries, or many more.

How much do the VPNs cost?

The cost of a VPN depends upon various factors, including the user’s needs, VPN provider, and duration of the subscription. VPNs are usually available for monthly subscriptions, where premium and safe VPNs cost from $2 to $12 a month. It is not true that only expensive VPNs work great. The VPNs that fulfill your needs, like traveling, streaming, torrenting, etc., are best even if they are low at cost. All you need is to do some research and find the VPN that suits your need at its best.

Free VPNs

Besides paid VPNs, some vendors also offer free VPNs, but the free VPN software is often loaded with ads and not reliable in terms of security. These free VPN servers will limit your bandwidth, speed, and server locations and push you to get a premium and paid subscription.

Benefits of VPN

Apart from creating a secure tunnel between the user and the internet, VPN provides many other benefits for the users.

Traffic Encryption

Using VPN Traffic encryption, a user can easily hide the browsing activities from someone trying to spy on you or attempting to monitor your internet activities.

Bypass Censorship and Firewalls

In many countries, certain websites are restricted due to inappropriate content in terms of politics and religion. If you travel to such countries and want to access those websites, a VPN can help you a lot.

Hide Your IP Address

A VPN provides a mask to your identification and hides your IP address from your visit websites.

Safe Torrenting

Torrenting is a risky task because it never gives the surety that the downloaded files are 100% secure. With a VPN server, you can enjoy a suite of security and privacy features.

Use Beyond Laptops

VPN software is not restricted to laptops and desktop systems. You can install and use VPNs on your tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, etc., and enjoy the limitless entertainment of the world of the internet.

Location Spoofing

VPN enables its users to choose any place in the world to show the location of the internet connection and unblock the restricted websites and play blocked online games.

Improvement of Internet Connection

When you go beyond your data limit or torrent, the speed of your internet slows down deliberately. A VPN software improves your internet connection and increases its speed so that you can browse easily.

Features of the best VPN server

If you want to choose the right and the best VPN service to use, look for the below features while searching for VPN Software.

Features of the best VPN service

Privacy Policy

Privacy and security are the foremost consideration in a VPN. It is what a user must look for while choosing a VPN. A user must select a VPN with a strict no-logs policy. If not, then there is a high risk that your data will be stores and shared. Do read the privacy policy of a VPN provider before selecting.

Access to Global Content

To bypass censorship, unblock firewalls, and geo-restrictions is a great plus for a VPN service. It is essential to check whether a VPN provides access to the global content or not. It will be a matter of concern for the people traveling and facing restricted websites in other countries.


Speed is the second most considerable factor of a VPN after security. Various VPNs slow down the internet speed and leave you with frustration. So make sure to pick a VPN service with fast servers and unlimited bandwidth.

Customer Service and User Experience

It is great to have VPN software that provides reliable customer service and gives an unbeatable user experience. A high-rated VPN service with good customer reviews will be an excellent choice for you.

High-End Compatibility

If you want to connect multiple devices and make sure of the privacy of all the devices, choose a VPN service that is compatible with all your devices and allows several connections.

Worth of Price

Do not judge a VPN by its cost only. As said earlier, expensive VPN software doesn’t work best every time. It also does not mean that you should go for a cheap one. Just make sure to select the one that offers all the vital features at a reasonable and affordable rate.

Getting the best VPN service with all the features at a reasonable price is not a difficult task. All you need is to know exactly what you want and do thorough research to find which VPN service is best for your needs. Once you get the best VPN software, you will enjoy every bit of your internet browsing and keep praising your VPN software.

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